The Dangerous Games

Normally I pass my most of leisure time by watching discovery and animal planet, and of course this is my first choice while I go through a rough time. According to my habit one when I came to home so early, I started watching these types of channels and saw an amazing series of Indian species. The one, who impresses me a lot, was the famous Bengal tiger. I was like a hypnotized guy that time and my control was not in my under, I started searching about those dangerous species of India on the net.

I don’t know why but whenever I found something mysterious, I always search for pokies exactly related to that and amazingly mostly time I grab such events. Same thing happened again, I found a pokie which was named as “Untamed: Bengal Tiger”. I became very curious to play on that slot machine and that is why I started reading reviews for that one, in a forum site I found a coupon code which let me play first ten spins for free.

Soon I came to the site where I could play that game, I found that it was released by microgaming and it was a big series of multi categorized events. One more thing about this poker machine is that it is a 243 ways type poker machine including some wild symbols like deer, giraffe and tiger. Obviously the theme was fully jungle based in which we have to pass through the wild forest escaping from many dangerous animals.

I started playing and won most of free spins and thought about to play it with real money, my heart was forcing me to play with money but my mind did not letting me to do so. But finally I played with some real cash and won plenty of rewards which created a nice ending of my play.