The Microgaming So Many and So Much slot series has brought back the carelessness factor to online slots, previously dominated by graphics-heavy and memory-sucking giant games.

So Much Candy, a part of the series that includes So Many Monsters and other sister games, is the most popular. In an age when candy-based mobile games are the rage, it’s unsurprising that this slot is the most popular of all Microgaming penny machines.

The sweet-as-candy (uh-huh!) theme allows players to test their luck in sweet gameplay with many combinations. That’s quite a bit of sugar! If it looks good, it tastes good too!

This is what we have always believed, and this tenet holds regarding the So Much Candy slot. The contents of a candy jar containing the most delicious candies that you can imagine will spill out to decorate the chaos reels you’ll be spinning. These candies are the symbols that you will see, and they will determine how much sweetness you can taste.

The standard Microgaming slot game with 5×3 reels, 25 paylines, and the usual Microgaming gameplay makes it easy for inexperienced players. They can try to use the old formula of fare stakes, even though they may need to be able to win big with the weighted distribution of coins.

And it looks SO GOOD!

So Much Candy’s most impressive feature is its ability, from the first screen of play, to impress you with its incredible visuals. The neat, clean, and minimalist interface is in keeping with the prevailing theme of the series. It makes it easy for players.

The clutter-free layout of the menu icons and gameplay screen ensures you will not be constantly distracted by annoying advertisements or pop-ups.

So Much Candy, developed on a solid HTML5 basis, is fast to load and runs even on smartphones. Flash support becomes obsolete.

The Symbols That You Can’t Resist

The symbols that appear in this game are brightly colored and beautifully designed candy varieties. These may or may no longer exist in reality.

Watching these candies spin with the reels is fantastic, creating a spiral effect. The hypnotic effect of the reels is one reason you don’t need to use the automatic play mode.

You can unlock deals by combining symbols from left to right. The payouts are based on the proportions specified in the guidebook, which is always displayed on the main screen.

Divide it up

Splitting regular symbols into two is a significant advantage for players. It allows you to explore and strike more combinations, which means that s, your chances of winning are high with the same number of slots her.

Sugary Wilds and Syrupy Scatters

In keeping with Microgaming’s tradition, the lone wild for this slot machine is the logo of So Much Candy. If and when it appears, you can move your regular symbols around to form better-paying combinations. The wild cannot substitute for a scatter, which in this case is a Candy Canon!

We confirm with a unanimous yes that the Candy Canon is the best scatter in this slot. The Candy Canon can appear on every reel without exception. At least three consecutive candies unlock the ‘Candy Bonus” feature. You will then be shown a selection of sweets. You will receive free spins for each candy you choose. You will win at least 40 free spins if you play the Candy Bonus round!

What We Think

This slot will not offer you the best multipliers or the highest profit margins. It can provide an hour of pure entertainment, a rarity nowadays.

Take it easy, fly lower, enjoy the game, and pocket any winnings. Then, hurry.

Play So Much Sushi Slots

  • We’ve played dozens of slot games, especially those strongly emphasizing mobile slots like this.
  • We rarely see slots like So Much Sushi coming, but when they do, we have to rethink how we plan our strategy.
  • We are all familiar with slots based on fantasy and war. We have all seen them, and we’ve enjoyed playing them.
  • A slot based on a dish that has divided the public was a real surprise to us.
  • This theme is as different as it gets from a standard slot game.
  • The easy-to-play gameplay and excellent payout potential quickly sucked us in.
  • It’s now safe to say that we love this fish.

Fish Galore

Sushi, a traditional Japanese comfort food and staple, has been spreading around the globe quite quickly in the last two to three decades. Sushi is everywhere. From corner shops in Japan to the most upscale restaurants in Paris. It’s time that someone brought the raw taste (sorry for the bad joke!)The natural flavor of sushi is now available on gaming tables and spinning wheels.

With this same thought, Microgaming has included So Much Sushi as part of their famed So Much and So Many series, which emphasizes slot gaming basics, eschewing heavy graphics and complex gameplay.

This is a perfect example of how to present the sushi theme. The bronze-brown wooden background makes for a beautiful platform. The visual connotations of the Japanese red and white are subtle but noticeable.

The game is recreated on five reels with three rows each and 25 paylines (1×25). You can bet money on specific rows or reels.

Japan-themed cards are the regular symbols in this game. They range from A to 10 and feature a Japanese theme. With its sleek looks and vibrant colors, a special convoy of the best sushi will be displayed on your screen.

Roe is the highest-paying regular symbol.

Does Symbol Splitting Make Sense?

Microgaming introduced the first split symbols in 2003, but they still needed to take over the world of slots. Splitting characters allows you to try and get a better combination. It is not always the best choice.

Splitting symbols is often a great way to increase your winnings, especially when a premium symbol such as roe is broken.

It’s important to realize that with wagers limited to only $100 per spin, you will need every bit of help to turn your pennies into piles. It’s a relief to know that up to 25 symbols can be combined (after splitting), resulting in larger, better, and grander combinations, which pay out more.

Wild Sushi

The game logo is the only wild symbol in So Much Sushi. The wild symbol can emerge on any reel and act as a partial multiplier if you can land three of them anywhere on the screen.

The substitution power of a wild is good, but it’s the multiplication ability we are most interested in since it can quickly transform your winnings from nice to excellent.

Remember that wild symbols do not replace scatter or bonus symbols.

It gets better – much better!

Wilds and regulars are both excellent. If you want to hear some loud ka-ching, you must find scatters in this slot – and you should do so many times!

If you’re consistently lucky, a bottle of sauce can pay you out more than you expected. If you see three or more bottles anywhere on the screen, it will activate a bonus feature that allows you to choose whether or not to win. The odds are 50:50.If you win, you can win up to 40 free spins.

Enjoy Yourself!

  • So Much Sushi’s most appealing feature is that it turns an unexplored idea into a highly entertaining slot.
  • The fun is there, but the need for flexible paylines and tight wagering caps can make the experience less enjoyable.
  • We’re okay with that, especially since even the regular symbols can yield up to 64,000 coins.
  • So Much Candy is the sister game of Microgaming’s popular So Much Candy.