Crazy 80’s Slot Machine with All the Crazy Stuff

I always wonder what was it like to be a teenager in the eighties and whenever I see the old photographs of my father I always think that the era of eighties was nothing less than the crazy era. I mean the people were not as busy as they are today.  They used to chill at most of their time. In other words you can say that life was pretty easy back then. I wish I could have lived in that era.

Anyways, to see the glimpses of that era, I decided to try this new pokie slot machine called the crazy 80’s. And as the name is suggesting there is no doubt that tis slot is entirely based on the very theme of 80s. it has shown the crazy outfits, costumes, coffee shops, ice cream parlors, evolution of French friend, burgers and all. Even the music of that time as I a great fan of albums published in that time.

So the time I heard about this casino slot I made the instant download of the app and started playing with free spins that the online casino offered as a welcome reward and I enjoyed the game pretty much. And I also came to know that if I want to win the real money I can brought the credits as well.

Most of the online casinos accept the safest way of online transaction that is called PayPal, so I brought the credits with the help of it and won some bonus rounds as well, but unfortunately couldn’t make it to the jackpot, but I hope I will make it next time.