For quite a long time, I have been seeing that the magic of the classic slot machine has come back and has been ruling the hearts of player as never before. Like today I was going to my uncle home through the train and I saw three kids talking and playing this classic online casino slot crafted many years ago by microgaming.

So for some time I quietly listened to them, but couldn’t resist till the end and I asked them that how come they are getting inclined towards the classic slot machines rather than playing the old ones.  The one of them shouted with joy that doesn’t you know uncle, old is really the gold.

And there I was explaining the definition and joy of playing the classic things like slot machines and they were also listening to me with great excitement as well. Then they told me that they have been playing this slot machine called the couch potato. And I instantly remembered it and could resist myself.

I requested them to have me some spins as well, and since the boys were sweet, they gave me their device and I enjoyed the pokie on this big screen of I Pad.  I couldn’t describe in words that how good it felt after playing this slot after such a long time. And after returning to home I played the same pokie the whole night. First I went for free play and later I brought credits as well to win some real money. And it really was a lucky night that I made bonus after bonus and made a good amount of real money to come back to play this epic slot machine again. And many thanks to those boys who made me met my lost love again.