These companies are compared in the UK to show the various services available. Spread betting is a fundamental concept that can compare spread betting companies within the UK.

Financial Spread Betting

Spread betting allows you the opportunity to place bets on critical financial markets. Spread betting is a great way to gain an edge, as the financial spread betting profits are exempt from tax. Clean offers free online information about the UK financial spread betting markets.

Spread Betting Companies in Britain

Cantor Index: Cantor Index, one of the most prominent companies, offers online financial spread betting services and 24-hour online trading. They also provide a mobile spread betting platform. They offer financial spread betting at a “competitive price strategy.”

Capital Spreads: Capital Spreads, the spread betting arm at London Capital Group (AIM), is Capital Spreads. They strive to offer tight spreads to customers. You can also use their stop-loss option to minimize the risk of losing your bets.

City Index: City Index offers a variety of benefits to those who open financial spread betting accounts with them. It provides a fast and flexible trading platform that allows you to back products or markets and shorten (bet against) those markets or products.

CMC Spread Betting: CMC Markets explores the derivatives trading market. It provides online spread betting services, including quarterly future spread betting. Customers can manage their risk and minimize losses with a Controlled Risk Bet.

Financial Spreads: offers many markets with stop loss and all-important narrow/tight spreads. FinancialSpreads provides easy access to charts and lives data for free.

Finspreads, a UK-based spread betting company, offers interactive online trading to its customers. It provides advanced trade closure and an auto rollover system.

IG Index: UK Spread Betting Company. IG Index offers online and mobile spread betting services. It also provides access to financial markets, competitive prices, and financial spreads.

Trad Index: TradIndex offers online trading and extensive market information. To open an account, you only need to make a small deposit. Customers can also get stop-loss options.

There are many methods and systems for wagering on Thoroughbreds, and some are even more expensive than others. The Phillips Racing Newsletter is a fun, entertaining newsletter that publishes “good” tips every month. However, even those few are not very durable. They are fun to play and perform well compared to the average punter’s results, but they won’t make you any money. There have been a few exceptions, though, that did show a small profit over the years.

Imagine my surprise when, one day, as I was wasting time between races, I thought up this idea from far out in the distance. It was immediately apparent in my mind that it could work. There weren’t apparent flaws. It was based on solid fundamentals and statistical data of the game. It was also very, very easy. There were very few moving parts. It is now; Rod Serling would have it “submitted to your approval.”

The System

It’s based upon the fact that 33% of race winners are public bettors. Do you mean, like last year? Big deal. Nope. Nope. This statistic is valid at all tracks around the globe, week after week, decade after decade, and year after year. It’s kind of creepy, but it is true.

There are days when the favorite wins only once or twice. Sometimes, the choice wins 4 to 5 times. It all comes down to 33% or 1 in 3. You can check the stats on your track. It will be close to that number. Some ways are a bit higher than others. It’s always there.

Okay, now what does this buy? Is it possible to wager on the favorite in each race, cash a third of your tickets, and become rich? That would be great. This won’t work. This approach will not work because you only win a third of your games, but you also lose two-thirds of the time. It is essential to winning more than you fail to make a profit. Sometimes favorites will pay as high as 5/2, or even 3/1 if they are lucky. But most of the time, they produce very little. This method has been a loser ever since horse racing began.

Another statistic worth noting is that the favorite wins 33% of all the time while the second favorite wins 20%. The third favorite is a winner approximately 12 percent of the time. The 4th favorite is about 5%.

My approach uses these stats, and it works as follows:

1. We bet on the exacta but not to win. The exacta, or perfecta, is a bet where you win if you correctly choose the 2nd and 1st place finishers in exact orders.

2. We placed the favorite bet on top of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th betting favorites.

The keyword here is “generally.” you’ll usually hit 2 to 3 exacts per nine-race card. Sometimes, you’ll hit zero. Sometimes you’ll hit 5. The good thing concerning this is that you’ll often hit 5!


Although the primary method is straightforward, I have tried a few variations, which have produced excellent results (though they do carry some risk).

Variation 1 allows you to place an additional wager on the one made in the primary method. You can select to bet the favorite or the 2nd favorite. This will allow you to capture races in which the horses are battling it out in the stretch, and the choice loses (which is quite often).

Variation 2: To bet on the favorite at the top of the field, you can choose Variation 2. Also, don’t stop at the second, third, or fourth choices. All of them! You wouldn’t want to make too many bets. Every once in a while, or every other day, you will be able to hit a giant. A 45-1 shot will finish 2nd, while your favorite will run first. It will happen when it does, and that is a happy day.

You can try it on paper. See how you did in your local race results newspaper or online. You’ll be surprised.