Since it’s quite a famous movie, you all must have heard about it. Even I liked it pretty much as I first saw the trailer. Although I have seen the documentary already but still I was pretty excited for the movie. I still remember the day when me and my best friend wen to see that movie after locking the landlord of our apartment.

And last night, the same friend of mine came to pay a visit to me and introduced me to this new world of gambling and it was really an amazing coincidence that he brought the same casino slot after such a long time. The name of the slot was City of gold itself and then he take out his android mobile phone pout of his pocket and started telling me about the slot machine.

This casino slot is a 3-reel, single pay line Microgaming product that comes with many amazing features including no deposit bonus, no registration, free spins, free play, and no download required and others. So I also downloaded the pokie app in iPhone as well. And luckily I got the free spins as well in order to take the free play of the slot.

With the free play option I tried the slot and after sometime I found myself playing it pretty well. So my friend persuaded me play it with the real money and I brought the credits with PayPal account of mine and made some money out of it as well.