The Dangerous Games

Normally I pass my most of leisure time by watching discovery and animal planet, and of course this is my first choice while I go through a rough time. According to my habit one when I came to home so early, I started watching these types of channels and saw an amazing series of Indian species. The one, who impresses me a lot, was the famous Bengal tiger. I was like a hypnotized guy that time and my control was not in my under, I started searching about those dangerous species of India on the net.

I don’t know why but whenever I found something mysterious, I always search for pokies exactly related to that and amazingly mostly time I grab such events. Same thing happened again, I found a pokie which was named as “Untamed: Bengal Tiger”. I became very curious to play on that slot machine and that is why I started reading reviews for that one, in a forum site I found a coupon code which let me play first ten spins for free.

Soon I came to the site where I could play that game, I found that it was released by microgaming and it was a big series of multi categorized events. One more thing about this poker machine is that it is a 243 ways type poker machine including some wild symbols like deer, giraffe and tiger. Obviously the theme was fully jungle based in which we have to pass through the wild forest escaping from many dangerous animals.

I started playing and won most of free spins and thought about to play it with real money, my heart was forcing me to play with money but my mind did not letting me to do so. But finally I played with some real cash and won plenty of rewards which created a nice ending of my play.

City Of Gold

Since it’s quite a famous movie, you all must have heard about it. Even I liked it pretty much as I first saw the trailer. Although I have seen the documentary already but still I was pretty excited for the movie. I still remember the day when me and my best friend wen to see that movie after locking the landlord of our apartment.

And last night, the same friend of mine came to pay a visit to me and introduced me to this new world of gambling and it was really an amazing coincidence that he brought the same casino slot after such a long time. The name of the slot was City of gold itself and then he take out his android mobile phone pout of his pocket and started telling me about the slot machine.

This casino slot is a 3-reel, single pay line Microgaming product that comes with many amazing features including no deposit bonus, no registration, free spins, free play, and no download required and others. So I also downloaded the pokie app in iPhone as well. And luckily I got the free spins as well in order to take the free play of the slot.

With the free play option I tried the slot and after sometime I found myself playing it pretty well. So my friend persuaded me play it with the real money and I brought the credits with PayPal account of mine and made some money out of it as well.

Crazy 80’s Slot Machine with All the Crazy Stuff

I always wonder what was it like to be a teenager in the eighties and whenever I see the old photographs of my father I always think that the era of eighties was nothing less than the crazy era. I mean the people were not as busy as they are today.  They used to chill at most of their time. In other words you can say that life was pretty easy back then. I wish I could have lived in that era.

Anyways, to see the glimpses of that era, I decided to try this new pokie slot machine called the crazy 80’s. And as the name is suggesting there is no doubt that tis slot is entirely based on the very theme of 80s. it has shown the crazy outfits, costumes, coffee shops, ice cream parlors, evolution of French friend, burgers and all. Even the music of that time as I a great fan of albums published in that time.

So the time I heard about this casino slot I made the instant download of the app and started playing with free spins that the online casino offered as a welcome reward and I enjoyed the game pretty much. And I also came to know that if I want to win the real money I can brought the credits as well.

Most of the online casinos accept the safest way of online transaction that is called PayPal, so I brought the credits with the help of it and won some bonus rounds as well, but unfortunately couldn’t make it to the jackpot, but I hope I will make it next time.


Diving In A Chocolate factory

Diving in a tank filled with chocolate was an ultimate fantasy of mine, when I was a kid. And I believe that every child that love chocolate must have think this at least once in his or her life. I couldn’t really express in words that how much I love the chocolate. It was only the chocolate that made me join the food corporation and became the food inspector.

My father was a poor man, and I still remember the time whenever I got the chocolates on the Christmas I used to lick the wrapper till the last drop of it. This passion of mine towards the this delicious thing made me open a chocolate factory and then I spread the all over Australia including Brisbane, Adelaide Canberra, broken hill, Brussels  as well and last week I came to know that there is a pretty famous slot as well, with the same name.

So I decided to check it and I instantly downloaded the pokies app to have some fun. I came to know that it is a 5 line, nine reel pokie that can be found at top online casinos pretty easily. And when it comes to the wild symbol, it is known as the Dr. Symbol and can be substituted with the chocolate symbols only. A baker carrying a large platter of candies is the scatter symbol of this pokie. If the player hit two or more of these symbols anywhere on the reels, he wins the game. That’s how I played the slot and enjoyed it just like the virtual pool of liquid filled chocolate. And off course would love to try it again. And I won’t even hesitate to try it with real money and make some money out of it as well.

Couch Potato

For quite a long time, I have been seeing that the magic of the classic slot machine has come back and has been ruling the hearts of player as never before. Like today I was going to my uncle home through the train and I saw three kids talking and playing this classic online casino slot crafted many years ago by microgaming.

So for some time I quietly listened to them, but couldn’t resist till the end and I asked them that how come they are getting inclined towards the classic slot machines rather than playing the old ones.  The one of them shouted with joy that doesn’t you know uncle, old is really the gold.

And there I was explaining the definition and joy of playing the classic things like slot machines and they were also listening to me with great excitement as well. Then they told me that they have been playing this slot machine called the couch potato. And I instantly remembered it and could resist myself.

I requested them to have me some spins as well, and since the boys were sweet, they gave me their device and I enjoyed the pokie on this big screen of I Pad.  I couldn’t describe in words that how good it felt after playing this slot after such a long time. And after returning to home I played the same pokie the whole night. First I went for free play and later I brought credits as well to win some real money. And it really was a lucky night that I made bonus after bonus and made a good amount of real money to come back to play this epic slot machine again. And many thanks to those boys who made me met my lost love again.